What exactly is Poly Gel? How is it different to Acrylic or Hard Gels?

Poly Gel is a beautiful hybrid gel. It is thicker than Hard Gels so it stays where you put it (kind of like acrylic) and doesn’t run down the nail losing shape. It has almost no smell. It will not set until you cure under lamp, giving you the time to perfect the shape you desire. Unlike acrylic, that starts to harden almost immediately (meaning you need to work fast!), Poly Gel gives you the freedom to get it right before you cure, leaving you with almost no filing to be done after curing. Finally this product gives you the best of both worlds!


How long will a set of nails last?

Poly Gel is just as strong as Hard Gels and a set of nails should last between 3-4 weeks. Provided that you protect and care for your nails, they will only need to be redone once your natural nail grows out.


How many sets of nails can you get out of a kit with 6 Poly Gel tubes?

Our Poly Gel kits are designed to provide you with a minimum of 10 sets of nails! Incredible! I know! Provided you follow our instructions, remembering that less is more when it comes to Poly Gel, you will save hundreds of dollars at the salon with just one kit!


Is it easy to apply Poly Gels on your own nails?

Just like any new skill, practice makes perfect! Poly Gels are very easy to use, however, the more you use them, the better quality nails you will get. Don’t forget to reach out to our qualified nail technician if you are having any technical difficulties and she will happily talk you through some tips and tricks to perfect your nails! Check us out on Instagram, where we will be going live every fortnight to answer all your technical questions.



Our Poly Gels are of the highest toxic-free quality. They do not contain any toxic chemicals and are safe to use on clean nails. Please do not use Poly Gels over existing nail conditions without seeking medical advice first.



Yes our poly gels are 100% vegan friendly. 



Poly Gel is much softer than acrylic and can either be filed down to the natural nail using a hand file, or an e-file. Using an e-file will help you remove the PolyGel much quicker. Glitz Nailz does stock e-files that are suitable for home use, with instructions on how to use safely.